Congratulations to our local students who now have the freedom of the road.

We are delighted that the following learner drivers, who are all from the Strood area have now completed the learner syllabus and are now proud owners of full driving licences.

Congratulations to Ellie Bond from Strood having just passed her practical driving test on the 17th of October 2018 with Redy2Drive Driving School and Dave Pdi.

Ellie moved from another instructor in order to make more progress and now she has made that ultimate jump to passing her practical driving test and now having a full Uk driving licence. Well done Ellie have fun with your new found independence and freedom whilst travelling around in your Corsa.

All the best from Dave and the team at Redy2Drive Driving School.

“I moved to Redy2Drive Driving School as I felt I could make more progress with them.

I worked with Dave to brush up on my parking skills and he really helped me on the extra detail I needed to pass my driving test. His relaxed and friendly manner made me feel at ease.

I really enjoyed my driving lessons and can highly recommend Dave and Redy2Drive Driving School to anyone that wants to learn to drive.

Ellie Bond, Strood

Congratulations to Elmira of Gravesend with her fantastic 1st time automatic driving test pass on the 27th of November, with Driving Instructor Robert Jacobs from Redy2Drive Driving School.

Elmira originally from Russia still tries to get home to see her family as much as possible, however she has other plans to drive around Europe and maybe in the future become a Driving Instructor in the future. Well Elmira we can help you with your driving instructor training in the future, so be sure to give us a call.

In the meantime congratulations from Robert driving instructor and the team at Redy2Drive Driving School.

Congratulations to Malika from Gravesend having passed her practical automatic driving test 1st time on the 4th of December 2018.

Malika’s friend Elmira who also passed just a few days before.

Malika had to combat some of the worst torrential rain we have seen for some time and achieved a well deserved test pass.

All the best Malika from Robert Jacobs your driving instructor and all the team here at Redy2Drive Driving School.

Congratulations to Jordan Wright from Strood on passing his practical driving test on the first go on the 31st of January 2019.

Jordan is moving into his new flat next week so this result just adds to the good start he’s having to 2019. Let’s hope this good fortune carries on through the year for him.

All the best from his Driving Instructor Dave Bond and all the team here at Redy2Drive Driving School.

Congratulations to Abi from Shorne, near Strood who passed her practical driving test on the 19th of March 1st time, with only 1 driving fault.

Abi having originally started with another driving school came to our Driving Instructor Dave Bond as she wasn’t making the progress expected and on recommendation found Dave at Redy2Drive Driving School.

Now Abi has the use of her Mum’s car and it has given Abi her new found freedom being able to drive to school and to work.

A fantastic result and it’s been a pleasure teaching you, all the best from Dave Bond your Driving Instructor and all the team here at Redy2Drive Driving School.

Driving Lessons Strood

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